Recent progress in medical science and biotechnology has allowed for remarkable achievements and innovations in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare technologies, functional food materials and environmental monitoring. However, there is still much to accomplish on the road to a new product development and launch. Furthermore it is necessary to effectively overcome a wide range of challenges regarding marketability, expansion plan, quality control, product safety, regulations, and intellectual property even
after being commercialized. Meanwhile, it has become increasingly difficult to facilitate research and development (R&D) and business projects while seeking to develop more flexible, and effective approaches to the development of competitive products and services, in the context of high-speed innovations in the field of life sciences. Consequently, building a brand value and implementing it as early as possible is a key step in achieving our goals.

We hope this policy of LPS (Laboratory Program Support) Consulting Office will help enhance your new product development and marketing activities by matching research seeds to the needs of industries for pharmaceutical drugs, infectious disease-related diagnostics, lifestyle-related healthcare, functional food and environmental health. At the same time, we will help to facilitate the establishment of collaborative research networks and support the development of more cost effective technologies, high value added products, and associated marketing strategies. In addition, we will continue to try and open doors for those seeking better solutions to improving their R&D and business activities with our long time experience,vast expertise in this field, and excellent network.


Hiroshi TAMURA, Ph.D.
LPS (Laboratory Program Support) Consulting Office

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